Deep Space Gallery Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Space Gallery?

Deep Space Gallery is an astrophotography art gallery, providing its customers with quality backlit space prints in an LED lightbox. The translucent prints are illuminated from behind with a light panel, producing vivid colors and uniquely immersive viewing experience.

Do you have larger sizes than are offered in the shop?

Yes! We offer custom sizes and various frame options up to 20ft. Submit a custom order quote request.

How are the frames powered?

The frames plug right into your wall's power outlet with a standard USA power plug.

Do the LED frames come with a Dimmer?

Our frames do not have built-in dimmers, however, you can purchase a dimmer on amazon for under $10. Click here for a dimmer compatible with our aluminum frames.

Do the LED frames come with an On/Off switch?

Currently only the aluminum frames and select custom orders come with an On/Off switch.

Can I change out my print without buying a whole new frame?

Of course! Contact us directly and we'll supply you a quote for a new print order.

Can I hang my print outside?

Our standard sizes are meant to be displayed inside only. If you would like a weather-resistant piece for outdoor purposes, please submit a custom order request.

How long do the LED frames last?

The estimated lifetime of the LEDs is approximately 50,000 hours.

Where's my favorite space image?

Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Still have questions? Contact us.